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Costume maker 





Digital Media 


Photo by Josip Artukovic

Stephanie Johnson, aged 23 based in Dublin, Ireland. Recently graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Textile Art & Artefact from the National Collage of Art and Design.

My work is an amalgamation of fine art and design. With a modern approach, I embrace technical advances as well as combining them with traditional methods and synthesise them into three-dimensional objects. These objects are predominantly designed and made with the intension to be worn on the body.

My work is multidisciplinary, making use of a variety of media with an interest in various other fields such as photography, styling, installation, animation and video. I’ve collaborated with others in different fields such as musicians and performers. 

Movement and light are important components of my work. I like to emphasise the transformative effect either when pieces are in motion or when the observer’s viewpoint changes. Recent work has been inspired by optical illusions that trick the eye of the viewer in order to deceive, confuse, interact and focus attention. 

Featured in 2017 Autumn issue of the Irish Arts Review. Reviewer, Dr Paul Caffrey, describes work as ‘exemplary’ and creator as an ‘innovator, whose knowledge of textiles and art historical forms and styles is combined with imagination, energy and flare. An artist to watch!’